Residential Garage Doors

Residential doors are available in either sectional/panel lift doors or roller doors.


  • Ranch/Georgian Design:
    Profile features rectangular embossments equally spaced symmetrically in a wood grain finish. Windows can be added to top panel
    Read more about the Georgian Sectional door here.
  • Stanford/Regency Design:
    Profile is a classic standard woodgrain finish with 6 pressings on a standard double door. This is a popular design and suits most houses. Windows can be added to the top panel of the door.
  • Heritage Design:
    This design has square embossments equally spaced in a woodgrain finish. It provides a more traditional type ambiance. Windows can be added to the top panel.
  • Ribline:
    This door has a weatherboard replica effect and looks like timber. Finished in a woodgrain finish. Perfect finish on a rendered home.
  • Fineline/Settler Design:
    Very simple and elegant finish this profile compliments modern architecture
    Fineline/settler 4 lines
    Mediterranean 7 lines
  • Flatline/Cosmopolitan Design:
    Smooth finish door. A modern design which suits contemporary housing.