Garage Door Service and Repair


Over 30 years’ experience in the garage, commercial and industrial roller door industry

Oz West Garage Doors has over 30 years’ experience in the service and repair of commercial and residential garage doors throughout Perth. We offer fast, friendly and reliable service to all suburbs, and guarantee all work.

Did you know that a garage door typically opens and closes around 1000 times per year?

Despite this, many homeowners neglect to have their garage door serviced and maintained at regular intervals.

Servicing ensures springs, tensioners and openers are operating as they should be. If the tension is not correct it can cause further stress on your garage door and opener which can pose a serious risk of personal injury. Regular servicing by a qualified technician will ensure safe, smooth and quite operation.

Your accredited Ozwest Service technician can test, adjust and replace almost any component of your garage door. Our technicians inspect for correct spring tension, broken or frayed cables, adequate lubrication, damage to rollers, obstructions in the tracks and motor failure.

So prolong the life of your garage door and reduce the risk of your garage door failing at the wrong time and get in touch with Ozwest today.